President-elect Donald Trump’s one percentage point win over Hillary Clinton has a lot to do with which voters were motivated to turn out and which voters were pessimistic and stayed home.  One day a study of Trump’s slim 120,000 vote win over Clinton may reveal some very interesting turn out data. My 2002 college senior thesis centered on the question of African American versus Haitian American political socialization. I argued then that while time and cultural assimilation may amalgamate the two groups, they are distinct politically and Haitians have the tendency to rebel and do their own thing. Perhaps it will be seen that President-elect Trump’s seemingly insignificant move to speak and court Haitian Americans in Miami’s Little Haiti on Friday, September 16, 2016 was a factor that helped him get over the top. The Huffington Post recently discussed whether Little Haiti helped Trump win Florida: Did Trump’s Visit to Little Haiti Help Him Win Florida? American presidents impact Haitians on the island in major ways. Only time will tell just how much Haitian Americans were involved in this U.S. election and how they cast their votes.

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